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a Touch of Unreality

I thrive on helping people improve and create new environments.

Going back to my roots in education. I believe that stagnation leads to disinterest, while change brings about discussion and learning. Each time we open ourselves to change, we allow the chance for improvement.

However, change is hard, especially when you are on your own. The best way to ensure success is to bring in another perspective, get more ideas, and get people invested in the change. With proper, strong communication and management, teams can be brought together. This is where I can help.

Constantly learning and keeping an open mind makes me an effective team leader and problem solver. With a background in Computer Science, Philosophy, and Education, my decade’s worth of experience communicating between business and technical stakeholders ensures accurate requirement gathering for projects with on time and budget deliverables that reflect the project goals.

Strengths include

  • Requirements Gathering: Able to get the most stubborn client to open up and talk about their hope and dreams – building the product that meets their needs.
  • Scope Management: Able to lead discussions with the business side about why waiting for post-launch might be best for a new feature – or why trading out this functionality for something else makes the most sense for the success of the project.
  • Leading Technical Teams: With the technical knowledge and experience to bring teams together and get things done – in the way that is as efficient as possible, while still being the lean and meeting the project’s goals.
  • Flexibility: Always open to learning new ways to do things – knowing that just because something worked on Project A does not mean it will work for Project B. We live and work in a fluid world where things are ever-changing – let’s use this to our advantage!

If you could change anything about your reality, what would it be?

Let me help.